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SOLD Westfalia MSA 60-01-076/SAMM 7006 Milk and/or Whey Separation 16,000 lbs/hr Seymour Dairy

SOLD Westfalia MSG 55 Milk or Whey Separator

SOLD Westfalia MSA 170 Milk or Whey Separator Mullins Cheese

SOLD MSD 90-01-076 Milk and/or Whey Separation 22,000 lbs/hr Dupont Cheese

SOLD Westfalia MSA 100 Pro-Cream Separator Lynn Protein

SOLD Westfalia MSB 60-01-076 Milk/Whey Separation 16,000 lbs/hr Belgioioso Cheese

SOLD Westfalia MSG 75-01-076 Milk/Whey Separation 23,000 lbs/hr Fred, Steve & John Wenger Springbrook Cheese Davis, Illinois

SOLD Westfalia MSB 170-01-076 Warm Milk Separator Baker Cheese

SOLD Westfalia MSB 130 Milk/Whey Separation 33,000 lbs/hr Rowland Sales/Harrisburg Dairy Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

SOLD Westfalia MSA 170-01-076 Warm Whey Separator Baker Cheese

SOLD Westfalia MSD 200 Milk/Whey Separation 55,000 lbs/hr Mullins Cheese

SOLD Westfalia MSD 300-01-777 Milk/Whey Separation 77,000 lbs/hr Stockton Cheese

SOLD Russell Fines-Saver Nasonville Dairy

SOLD Russell Fines-Saver Belgioioso Cheese

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Sales and service of equipment
for the dairy industry.

R. Mueller Stainless

Unmatched quality & craftsmanship of custom fabrication & welding.

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Genuine Westfalia replacement parts, stainless steel fittings, pipe/tube and electronic components.